Sun ultrasparc

Sun ultrasparc

L'ultrasparc iii è un microprocessore 600-900 mhz sviluppato da sun microsystems e fabbricato da texas instruments fa parte della famiglia dei microprocessori. View full sun ultra 2 specs on cnet. – apresentar a arquitetura geral do ultrasparc-t1 sun microsystems, developing scalable applications for throughput computing, white paper, 2005. Among various implementations of sparc, sun's supersparc and ultrasparc-i were very popular, and were used as reference systems for.

Sun microsystems on tuesday will detail panther, which promises more high-speed cache memory and higher clock speeds. Tidlig i 2006 publiserte sun microsystems spesifikasjonen ultrasparc architecture 2005. Ultrasparc architecture 2005にはサンの標準拡張が含まれるが、それ以外はsparc v9 level 1 米国sun microsystems. Sun ultrasparc ii sparc (de l'anglès scalable processor architecture) és una arquitectura risc big-endian És a dir, una arquitectura amb un conjunt reduït d.

The ultrasparc iv was developed as part of sun's throughput computing initiative, which included the ultrasparc v millennium, gemini and ultrasparc t1 niagara. L'ultrasparc est un micro-processeur développé par sun microsystems et fabriqué par texas instruments il implémente le jeu d'instructions sparc v9. But please note that specint is extremely cpu intensive in real life situation memory not cpu will be the bottleneck for most applications also the quality of the. Sun ultrasparc t1 (niagara) configuration sun ultrasparc t1 1000 mhz (sun fire t1000, ram: 4 channel registered ddr2 pc2-4200) cache l1. Original model edit the original ultra workstations and the ultra enterprise (later, sun enterprise) servers were ultrasparc-based systems produced from 1995 to. Sun ultrasparc ii sparc (del inglés scalable processor architecture) es una arquitectura risc big-endian es decir, una arquitectura con un conjunto de.

Sun ultrasparc ii sparc (англ scalable processor architecture — масштабована процесорна архітектура. Ultrasparc corresponde à família de processadores da sun microsystems que implementam a arquitetura sparc v9 [1. Arquitetura sun ultrasparc iii cu tasso gomes de faria1 1instituto de informática – universidade federal do rio grande do sul (ufrgs) caixa postal 15064 – 91. 外部リンク sun microsystems' official ultrasparc t1 processor information(英語) サンの opensparc ホームページ(英語) opensparc t1 project home(英語. Sun microsystems ultrasparc iiii 16 ghz server cpu: detailed specifications, side by side comparison, pictures and more from cpu-world.

Sun ultrasparc iii is the second generation of ultrasparc processors this 64-bit microprocessor is backwards compatible with ultrasparc i and ultrasparc ii. Ok banner sun ultra 5/10 upa/pci (ultrasparc-iii 333mhz), no keyboard openboot 315, 128 mb memory installed, serial #nnnnnnnn ethernet address 8:0:20:a5. La tercera revisión de la plataforma de procesadores para servidores de sun avanzará en actualmente la empresa californiana sirve los chip ultrasparc t2.

在64位ultrasparc iii处理器方面,sun公司主要有3个系列。首先是可扩展式s系列,主要用于高性能、易扩展的多处理器系统。目前. Sun ultrasparc ii die sparc-architektur (scalable processor architecture) ist eine mikroprozessorarchitektur, die hauptsächlich in produkten von oracle verwendung. Procesor ultrasparc ultrasparc je vysoce výkonný, vysoce integrovaný procesor implementující 64bitovou sparc v9 risc architekturu je schopen udržet a. Looking for ultrasparc iie find out information about ultrasparc iie scalable processor architecture ansi/sparc architecture a family of.

Sun ultrasparc
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